Daily Thanks – 8/14/2009

Today I’m thankful that…

  • It was my day off and the kids let us sleep in till after 8:00 a.m.
  • Collin and I were up before the others and he had fresh, Amish zucchini bread with fresh, Amish apple-butter on it. I had a farm fresh egg from Teresa Birtle’s organic farm, which I scrambled for an egg wrap with some bacon, onions, cayenne peppers and cheese. Some hot sauce from Honduras, which was brought back for me by Luke Burris, completed my wrap.
  • I played restaurant with Collin and Elsa. We started with them serving me several courses prepared from toy food. Then they turned the tables on me by bringing my varying ingredients to see what I could make from them. I’m happy to report that Collin scored my 10 out of 10 for my efforts.
  • Collin helped me re-install the rear speakers in the church van.
  • Jonathan Arnold spent his afternoon washing and cleaning the church van. Thanks Jonathan!
  • Michelle reminded me to add Jude to my list of children on my Facebook profile.
  • Joni Mathews brought us diapers yesterday.
  • Noble & Phylis Mundy made blankets for the kids and delivered them on Wednesday but I just looked at them today. I was gone when they came by and I’m kinda slow to notice new things. They were cool.
  • Matthew and Kortni picked up some food for us yesterday at the grocery store and I ate some of it today.
  • Elsa wanted to listen to my Ipod with the earphones. She has her own playlist of her favorite songs, which include mostly Disney music, but today she was rocking out to ‘Lollipop’ by the Chordettes. It’s pretty funny to hear her singing along with them when I can’t actually hear the music too.
  • I got to weed eat and mow this afternoon, which a gloriously, simple activity to let a man’s brain relax. I listened to an audio book and took my time.
  • Bryan Edward asked me a very interesting question today: “Do you ever tire of having to start over from scratch?” He’s always asking thought provoking questions. I told him I don’t really tire of it but it is draining to always be starting from scratch with new teens because you invest time and love into some teens who never bother to let the investment change them much. Many do change. But some don’t.
  • Collin and I went to buy groceries at Wal-Mart. This made me very thankful that Michelle almost always does our shopping! We also stopped at the Orscheln store to buy Collin a slingshot. He’s been wanting one. We brought it home and pulled some green persimmons off the tree to shoot at the fence in the back yard.
  • Today, Collin asked me why he never saw Mr. Simons across the street since he knows Mrs. Simons (Sharon) lives over there. I told him he (Ray) died a few years ago before he was old enough to remember Mr. Simons. But I’m thankful this reminded me what a good man I knew Ray Simons to be even though I knew him only a few years. Ray once came over with his snow blower while I was shoveling several inches of snow from the driveway. I told Ray I’d be glad to pay him for his time clearing my driveway and he said, “You can pay me by going inside and playing with that little boy of yours.” He was a good man.
  • Todd Loyd called to say hello today and see how life was going.
  • Baby Jude looks very cute when Michelle carries him around the house in the baby sling.
  • We took the kids out for ice cream tonight and drove down to Shake Burger in Paoli. If you’ve never been to Shake Burger for ice cream, you should go tomorrow!
  • While driving through my hometown of Paoli tonight, I saw several old men sitting around the square. I know they were telling stories and lies, just like I recall from my childhood days of sitting with my Great Uncle Merle and his old friends on the courthouse lawn under the shade of tall trees.
  • It was a good day.
  • God showed me that He gives us memories to strengthen our steps for the future.

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4 responses to “Daily Thanks – 8/14/2009

  1. Jennifer

    Do you think I could get to Paoli by tonight?

  2. Chad Edwards

    Gary, i really enjoy reading these. Just wanted to let you know. BTW…when i was in Australia, i got into this reality show, “MasterChef Australia.” You might want to see if you can watch episodes online because you and your wife would love it.

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