Daily Thanks – 8/13/2009

Today I’m thankful that…

  • I was up before everyone else today and got some work finished.
  • Elsa woke up second so we had some time to cuddle and watch cartoons alone.
  • Melissa Passmore finished up a slide show for me even though she was rushed for time this morning. She’s a good secretary!
  • Our church family has a food ministry for the needy people in our community. We call it Bread of Life and it’s a food pantry in our main building that’s open two days a week. We feed around 1500 people a month. I’m glad to be part of a group of people who focus on serving others to show God’s love.
  • Several of us from youth group made a trip to Bloomington today to the Hoosier Hills Food Bank, which is a great food program that provides food in bulk to smaller entities like our food pantry. We can get food there once a week and usually can get a few hundred pounds of canned goods, fresh breads and even produce. They also do a food rescue program where they collect left-over food from area restaurants each evening and then we can take that frozen food for the needy people we serve.
  • 16 people went with me to help with the food today and then we had lunch together. I’m thankful for all of them: Matthew Canada, Lindsay Slone, Shayna Kerr, Maddy Fields, Aaron Dorsett, Darci Roberts, Katie Thomas, Jake Parsley, Melissa Wilson,Rebecca Burris, Alayna Super, Luke Burris, Sheralee Kerr, Lauren Young, Chelsea Neely and Riley Day.
  • Caroline Cook text me while we were at lunch and said to make Luke give me a hug from her. He didn’t.
  • Lori Day, Riley’s mom, came to pick up Riley and stayed to help us unload all the food into the food pantry.
  • I came home to find Michelle nursing Jude while Collin and Elsa played on the fort in the back yard. That made me thankful that Greg Edwards gave us that fort after Bryan and Katie had outgrown it several years ago.
  • Kyle Rader finished up the landscaping in our backyard this week and it looks great.
  • While we were playing in the yard under one of our 5 persimmon trees Collin picked a persimmon up from the ground and said, “Dad you should eat this. You know the old saying that ‘a persimmon a day keeps the doctor a’coming.’ It’s an old wives tale.”  He asked the other day what ‘wives tales’ were and now he’s making up new ones. He’s special.
  • Late this afternoon, Collin and I drove to Kasie’s hair shop to get his hair cut. He told her all about how to get ready for 1st grade while she cut his hair. Then he saw some dog poop in the parking lot and laughed and laughed about it. It’s great to be a boy!
  • Collin and I stopped by to see Big Sam, the Amish farmer, on our way home from the hair cut. He had some great cantaloupes today.
  • When we left Big Sam’s, Collin sat on my lap awhile and steered the truck as usual. He also pointed out that my beard was getting several gray hairs in it. He asked why people got gray hairs. I told him you earn them.
  • We made dinner tonight from fresh Amish bell peppers, onions, summer squash and hungarian peppers. We diced those in with some tomatoes from our garden, cayenne peppers and ground turkey. That all sauteed in a pan with garlic, cumin, lemon juice and cilantro. It was all served up in corn tortillas with salsa and guacamole. Good stuff.
  • Michelle took Collin to the open house at his school. He met his 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Shipman, for the first time. They both really like her.
  • Grace Armstrong and I had a conversation by text, kinda. She was at work while I was bugging her. Sorry Grace!
  • Baby Jude has been laying in the floor on a blanket made by Nikki & Paula Arnold. It’s good to have people love you and make you things!
  • I’m enjoying a hot cup of PG Tips tea and can see my lovely wife out of the corner of my eye as I type. The kids are all asleep and we’re watching Good Eats on Food Network.
  • God is present in the actions, words and laughter of friends.

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