Daily Thanks – 8/12/2009

Today I’m thankful that…

  • I got to cook breakfast for Collin and Elsa. Collin had an egg sandwich and Elsa had toast with apple-butter. They both like the crust cut off their bread. Then Collin likes the crust to be thrown in a pan with a little salt, pepper and a bit of olive oil to be toasted until crunchy.
  • I’m getting more caught up each day back in the office.
  • Caroline Cook and I had a good text conversation.
  • Emily Cessna sent me a very encouraging facebook message.
  • I got to have lunch with Grace Armstrong and Megan Watson.
  • Chad & Jennifer Edwards brought baby Claire home today!
  • Jordan Wilson got a job that we’d been praying for.
  • Allison Canada got a new car! And she turned her old Caddy in on the Cash for Clunkers program.
  • We picked 7 more tomatoes tonight from the garden. We’ve grown about 6 types and the Black Prince tomatoes were a new type we tried and they’re really good.
  • We all stood out there at the garden looking at the melons that are on the vines.
  • Michelle looked really cute in her stylish headband and walking around the yard holding Jude. It’s good to have a beautiful wife; inside and outside.
  • Deb and Calin Cory came to see the kids and baby Jude on Monday but I forgot to mention it then. Deb had made gifts for everyone. Michelle and Elsa got matching purses. You should check out Deb’s creations online on her blog. She’s making really cool stuff and, I think, she’ll have an online shop soon.
  • I made a pasta sauce for dinner with fresh tomatoes, zucchini, bell peppers and rosemary from our garden. I cooked shrimp in it for the last 3  minutes and finished it with fresh corn kernels as a garnish. I love harvest time.
  • We had a great youth advisory board meeting tonight. These are all the people who help me run our youth ministry. Brent Fields does a good job leading this team of people. I’m thankful they all love God and they love teens.
  • Youth group tonight was a great time to see each other.
  • Elsa was so exhausted she asked Michelle to put her in bed early tonight.
  • Michelle, Collin and I are now watching Throwdown with Bobby Flay. Collin loves it! He cheered when Bobby ‘Fillet’ won.
  • My feet are propped up in my recliner and my family is close.
  • God is patient enough to ask me to honest about myself in His presence.

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9 responses to “Daily Thanks – 8/12/2009

  1. Carrie Holmes

    I am thankful for:

    -The 2 cups of coffee I have every morning just sitting in the chair.
    -I love watching Libbie listen to her ipod and singing along with the tunes and watching her text!…she is FAST!!
    -I love the conversations that I have with Cooper….he has a thinking brain that never slows down!
    -I love floating around in my new swimming pool listening to all the noises of nature!
    -I am thankful for the hardest working man…and I was lucky enough to marry him! Love him dearly and forever!
    -Thankful for fun loving friends that surround me and accept me for me!
    -I am thankful for giggles and laughs over good times!
    -I am thankful for my wonderful awesome God who loves me no matter what! WOW…what an amazing feeling!

  2. DeAnne

    Gary, I think we need to set up a cooking thing…from one foodie to another, it might be a fun family event, perhaps a church event–dutch ovens, harvest foods, smokers, copper pots, new and exciting flavors!! An absolute taste bud extravaganza! Whadayathank?

  3. I’m thankful for Niel Gaiman and Beefeater gin. I could do more with creations from both.

  4. allison

    That sauce sounded amazing…I bet it was too. I love my car. I will see you saturday and I’ll have my car there too.

  5. Deb

    Thanks so much for the mention! Sorry you were the only one giftless! I suggested to Michelle that perhaps you needed a super hero cape?

    By the way, I am thankful for you today…..

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