Daily Thanks – 8/11/2009

Today I’m thankful that…

  • I woke up today with Collin and Elsa laying in bed with me.
  • I made toast for the kids for breakfast to go along with their chex cereal. The reason I’m thankful for the toast is that it was covered with fresh, Amish apple-butter made by Mrs. Sam (Lydia), who is the wife of Big Sam, the Amish farmer.
  • Collin was holding baby Jude this morning when Collin said, ‘He just pooped! Well, at least it didn’t come out of his diaper and get on me like his pee did yesterday.’  But it turns out, he was wrong. Ha!
  • Riley Day had invited me fishing this morning at her house. I’d never fished there but I caught 8 largemouth in about 50 minutes, which is great fishing. The biggest of the day is in the pic here. It was a nice fish.0811091101
  • I live in a place where my tackle box and my briefcase often sit side by side in the backseat of my truck.
  • Alyssa Jenkins and Riley went to lunch with me at Pizza Hut. They’re fun!
  • We took Grace Armstrong a surprise of her favorite treat: cinnamon bread-sticks from Pizza Hut. And Grace showed us a cool new set of purple and gold shoe strings she put in her converse boots!
  • I got some work done in the office this afternoon.
  • Teresa Slone dropped by the office to pick up some fans that Terry Wayne had loaned us last fall. That reminded me that the reason Terry Wayne had the fans at the office is that he cleaned up a huge mess a leaky fish tank made in my office while I was gone on vacation. He’s a good guy!
  • Jenny Day took the time to drop off Elsa’s purse to us here at the house, which Elsa forgot over at the school when they all went to enroll Collin today.
  • Nanny came down and played with the kids and helped Michelle around the house for about 3 hours today. She’s a good great-grandma!
  • Matthew and Kortni had us, Nanny, Grammy and Pappy for dinner tonight!
  • Matthew and I watched a really good show about barbecue cooking.
  • We had 6 more ripe tomatoes in the garden tonight.
  • When we got home, we found that our good neighbor, Sharon Simons, had left a surprise in our door!
  • College Group was tonight. We had a great talk about life with Jordan Cory, Jonathan Arnold, Chen Zhu, Alyssa Jenkins, Sheralee Kerr, Lydia Steger, Liz Young, Lauren Young, Luke Burris, and Lindsay Slone.
  • Now I’m home after group and enjoying some fresh-ground peanut butter and a cold glass of water in an air conditioned house.
  • God is always showing us that He doesn’t shy away from our failings.

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4 responses to “Daily Thanks – 8/11/2009

  1. Johnny

    Pizza Hut is always a good choice, getting poop on you however is not…

  2. WOW! Nice fish. Must be nice. I have yet to catch a bass this year, and you catch 8 in 50 minutes.

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