Daily Thanks – 8/8/2009

Today I’m thankful that…

  • Even though I had an early morning start, it was for a good reason. Josh Turner, a missionary from Australia, is in town. I picked him up at 7:00 a.m. in Bedford for breakfast with Steve Gilstrap and Wayne Gaither at Bob Evans. We got to talk alot about ministry and youth. And Wayne bought my breakfast!
  • Larry Hollan stopped in to visit this morning. We got to catch up on all kinds of things and he got to see Jude. It had been too many weeks since we got to sit down to visit. 
  • Jean Sowders, Emma and Anna stopped by for a visit.
  • Brent Fields left his awesome muscle car Cutlass parked at my house while he was gone to Louisville. It made me feel very manly for  day when people asked if it was mine. Ha!
  • Collin has been selecting his important gear for 1st grade. Backpack: trying to decide between a camo pattern or some super hero.  Lunch box: he originally picked a Transformers one but now has decided to take it back for a Bakugan one.
  • Matina Hobson had her 50th birthday party today. She had a really cool cake in the shape of a dress from the 50s to match the theme.
  • When Elsa and Collin were cleaning up, Collin complained that he’d done more than half of the cleaning up. This led to a fairly good conversation about whether life was supposed to be fair. I said ‘fair’ is not one of the main goals because your unique gifts and talents may lead you to higher levels of service than other people. So you may do an unfair amount of serving and it still be the right thing to do. If we’ve been blessed with much in the way of energy or intelligence or talent, then more should be required of us as we help humanity. Surely he understood all that at 6 years old, right?
  • I got to rock Jude to sleep for one of his naps today.
  • The MHS Volleyball team was doing a carwash today. Collin, Elsa and I took my truck down to be washed. Rebecca Burris made sure to invite me. And then during the wash, Alli Trevithick and Shelby Wilson climbed all the way up by the top of the cab to wash it. And Collin was also excited to see Mrs. Kern there helping!
  • Curt and Beth Parsley had us out for dinner. Their house is like home-away-from-home for us so it was very relaxing. Jake just got Rock Band for his 360 so I played it for the first time in my life. Turns out, I’m a natural and I might need to enter some competitions. Not.
  • I’m excited that we’ll be going to Youth In Action next weekend. It’s a youth rally in Louisville that’s been going on for enough years that I went to it as a junior high kid. I’ve also been looking forward to hearing David Skidmore and Patrick Mead speak at the rally.
  • Emily Cessna and I had a conversation on text about an interesting movie.
  • Grace Armstrong did something that made me proud of her today.
  • Elsa has her mother’s big, beautiful eyes.
  • Bob Slone and I got to chat awhile at Matina’s party.
  • Riley Day made a facebook.
  • Martha Fields taught me the correct pronunciation of ‘Fondant.’ I hear that word so many different ways.
  • God has given me good friends to love and to be loved by.

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  1. Matina

    Gary, I am so glad that you came to my party, the total count was 82 people!!! I loved my cool cake!!! Amber downloaded the pictures and I will put them on fb later this week!!!

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