Daily Thanks – 8/7/2009

Today I’m thankful that…

  • Michelle came and woke me up this morning to say my mom was on the phone and wanting to go out to breakfast. That’s a good wake up call!
  • We went to a new restaurant here in Mitchell called the Mitchell Family Restaurant. Now that’s a name that’s simple and to the point. Mom, nephews Gavin and Conner, Collin, Elsa and I went to eat there and it was pretty good. Elsa had strawberry french toast and Collin had biscuits-n-gravy.
  • I bought a new electric shaver not long ago. It’s a Norelco that Curt recommended and is shaving well.
  • I got caught up on a few things at the office today.
  • Lindsay Slone, Grace Armstrong, Chelsea Neely and I got to go for lunch at Noodle Town. It was good and I had a great tomato bisque. The best part was watching Grace try to learn to use chopsticks. I thought she was going to hurt herself.
  • Grace wrote me on facebook last night and told me I’m  a necessity in her life. That’s a good encouragement.
  • Chelsea, who is in our teen youth group, had a cool new haircut done by Emily Murphy in Beford, who is one of  my good college group friends. It’s strange how my worlds are always colliding.
  • Steve Gilstrap called to say that Harrison Conley’s surgery went well. It’s great to have a leadership at our church family that is out spending time with people. And I’m also glad Harrison did well. He’s one of the oldest and longest-attending members of our church family and it’s people like him that have built the foundation for the loving church we have.
  • Michelle braved another trip out today with all 3 kids in tow. She lived through it.
  • I stopped in at the library to get a new book. It’s always good to visit with the friendly staff down there. Hannah Percifield is one on the librarians who’s always thoughtful to ask about how Michelle is doing with the new baby.
  • Monk Dwyer, Rachel’s dad, is building a boat in their backyard. A big boat. Kinda like an ark for Patrick, his grandson, to play in. It’s awesome!! I may be writing a blog post soon about it and why Monk is building it.
  • Bryan Edwards has a new picture album on facebook called “Old Photobooth Pictures that Make Me Smile” and boy have they made me smile too. There are some funny ones in there and even a couple with me and Collin in them.
  • I was sitting in the family room this afternoon when Collin came into the room. He’d put on a long sleeve button up shirt, slicked his hair down and had 2 pens and a highlighter hanging from his shirt pocket. He really needed a pocket protector to complete the look but we don’t own one. I asked him who he was supposed to be. He said, “I’m the #1 boss at the bell factory.” I asked him what they did at the bell factory. Collin said, “We make the bells and then we ring the bells.” I asked if they sold the bells and he said, no, they could do the making and ringing without any help. So no need to sell any. Then he pulled a quarter out of his pocket, flipped it up in the air to me and said, “Here’s a quarter. Get a job.”    He’s special.
  • Elsa asked me to help find the lid to her marker but we didn’t have any luck. I asked if Collin knew where it was. He walked over to his pop gun, which had the cork in place and ready to fire. He pulled the tube back, which creates the air pressure to pop the cork. When it popped, the cork flew out followed by the red marker lid. He said, “I’ve been using it as a bullet.”  I like creativity.
  • Today is Matthew and Kortni’s 5th anniversary. They’ve grown into individuals and a family that I’m really proud of.
  • We went to my Mom and Dad’s for dinner. Everything was great but my favorite part was eating homegrown tomatoes. It reminded me of my childhood. There’s something that’s ‘home’ about eating tomatoes that have been planted, tended and picked by your dad’s hands.
  • I got a good chuckle when Luke Burris text me from Alabama while he and Caroline were on a date at a show choir performance. Now, you people know I love a good choir show. But picturing Luke enduring one has given me pause to laugh several times.
  • Jude is growing bigger and more engaging each day.
  • God is proactive and ever preparing our paths ahead of us.

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4 responses to “Daily Thanks – 8/7/2009

  1. Julie Greene

    My main thanks today is that my former student , Hannah Yates, is doing very well. They are now thinking that she will be home in time for school to start. I do want to thank everyone that has kept her in their prayers.

  2. dudethatscrazy

    Thanks for visiting “Granny” at work – right in time for their back to school ice cream social. Thanks for big giant dogs. And thanks for childrens laughter.

  3. He’s right you know. You should get a job.

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