Daily Thanks – 8/6/2009

Today I’m thankful that…

  • Even though we all woke up way too early today, that the kids were all home today. They had a wonderful last two days with Grammy and Pappy but I missed them while they were gone.
  • Michelle was able to go back to bed for a while this morning to get a nap. Jude slept, Collin played some Wii and Elsa and I played cards.
  • Collin thinks he’s a chef so he likes to cook/mix/fix food. This morning he put vanilla yogurt, blueberries and corn chex in a bowl with a lid. He shook it all up and called it a parfait then served it to all of us. It was pretty good for a 6 year old and he  had to make seconds.
  • Michelle made me laugh when she said since we don’t say ‘butt’ at our house but rather ‘bottom’ or ‘hind end’, that I would have to think of a new term for ‘butt dialing’ someone on accident on your cell phone. She suggested ‘booty dialed’, which I’m still laughing about.
  • Kristina Korobov, a college classmate of mine, left a comment yesterday and brought back many fond memories of college days at ISU.
  • Brent Luther sent me a very encouraging message.
  • Derek Dixon wrote and said he was trying to be thankful even though he got a ticket yesterday. This made me chuckle and made me glad I didn’t get a ticket. Sorry Derek!
  • Michelle was able to go out to Spring Mill Park for Mommy’s group today, which is a group of young mothers from our church and community that spend time together. She has good friends.
  • Collin and Elsa tied two fake swords together with about 14 pieces of yarn and pretended it was a guitar this afternoon.
  • Collin decided he wanted a mo-hawk so he spiked his hair up with water and had me hairspray it. We went to the JayC store with it like that.
  • Collin and I drove out to see Big Sam, the Amish farmer. Four of his girls were working the produce stand by the barn and then Big Sam came out of the house. I asked him how his day was and he said, “I just got out of the bed.” I was afraid he wasn’t feeling well but then he said, “I always take a nap after lunch.” It makes me smile to think of Big Sam, the Amish farmer, taking a nap every afternoon.
  • Andy Dunwoody, a nice man who comes to church with us, pulled up at Big Sam’s as we were leaving. Andy farmed full time for 22 years and tells neat stories. He told me today about his 94 year old grandpa who was the oldest full-time, working farmer in Indiana at that time. I said that was impressive and asked at what age hid grandpa finally stopped farming. Andy said, “He stopped farming when he died at 94. A farmer is what he was and a farmer is what he died.” I like that.
  • I got to mow this afternoon. I’ve told you before I like the peace of mowing for an hour. Mowing is a time to think and it’s a concrete accomplishment. Much of my life is filled with abstract, wait-till-the-future-for-the-payoff kind of work. I like concrete from time to time.
  • Brian Ferguson stopped by to say hello.
  • Today is my mom’s birthday. She’s a good mom and a good grandma.
  • Cecy Dillman brought us a delicious dinner. I’m not sure what we’ll do when people stop bringing food. We’ve had two weeks worth. It’s good to know so many people love my family. That’s a peaceful feeling.
  • Our bedtime book was Where The Wild Things Are, which I’ve read a thousand times in my life.  But it just hit me tonight what a metaphor that book is for many of us and our journey through life. I may have to write a blog post about it.
  • The older kids are in bed, Jude is asleep in Michelle’s arms, we live in a quiet town in these rolling hills of Indiana and Duff is cracking me up on Ace of Cakes. Life is good.
  • God fills my days with purpose and opportunities to share life with others, like you. Thanks for being a part of my life and my thanks!

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4 responses to “Daily Thanks – 8/6/2009

  1. Julie Greene

    Once again, you have made me smiled Gary. I do want to tell you what a great thing you are doing. Reading your daily thanks makes me think of all the little things I should be more openly thankful for.

    Today, I am thankful:

    – that Noah has been talking about wanting to get baptized and what he has to do
    – that Alexis got her school schedule switched and now has the classes and lunch period that she wanted
    -that school will start soon and I will actually start getting a paycheck again
    -that God has allowed us to get through another summer with one paycheck short…He always provides a way!
    -that Randy’s cousin moved back to town and now Randy has someone to talk about cars to…I’m tired of that job!

  2. dudethatscrazy

    James had a Mo-Hawk yesterday for about an hour. Although it was real. His dad gave him a hair cut while I was a the laundromat. It was cut off when I got home.

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