Daily Thanks – 8/5/2009

Today I’m thankful that…

  • Grammy and Pappy are on vacation and wanting to live it up with the grandkids so they picked up Collin and Elsa for a day trip to Holiday World today. I miss the kids when they’re gone but they’ll have a blast.
  • I had a farm, fresh, Teresa Birtle’s egg for breakfast in a wrap and a PG Tips hot tea for breakfast.
  • I was back at my desk in the office this morning. I really enjoyed my time home with my family the last two weeks but I’m glad to be back to the office too.
  • Lindsay Slone was already at her desk in the office when I got there.
  • I had lunch at El Compadre with Lindsay, Emily Cessna, Emmalee Shover and Rebecca Burris. It was fun to chat about life with them.
  • Our waitress at El Compadre was the mexican lady who’s about 4′ 6″ tall. She did really well and she’s really sweet.
  • Michelle and I took Jude to his check up today with Dr. Craton. She’s such a close friend of our family that it’s like going to see a family member. Plus she tells funny stories about Ben, Jon and Stephen!
  • Jude is healthy and doing well. All his baby blood tests came back normal and he’s gained a pound already. Dr. Craton called him a piglet.
  • While we were in the examination room at the doctor’s office and waiting for Dr. Craton to come in, we overheard a conversation in the hallway. We couldn’t really make out the dialogue back and forth since it was a fast paced conversation of two ladies catching up from not seeing each other for a while. But then came a distinct pause after which I clearly heard one of the ladies say curtly, “She died.” That seemed to pretty well end the conversation. I was thankful I wasn’t the person out there that asked the preceding question that brought about that answer. I’ve done that sort of thing before. “Well, how is your mom……” You’ve been there too, probably.
  • We ran into Sheralee Kerr while we were out and she got to see Jude while he was awake. Sheralee is always good to see because she is one of the most pleasant and nice people I know!
  • When we stopped at the grocery store on the way home from Bedford, I set in the backseat with Jude while Michelle went in and I just watched him sleep. No better peace than that.
  • We drove through Starbucks. Iced coffee for me because it’s cheap!…with soy milk, vanilla syrup and sugar.
  • My life-long friend, Shannon Bradford Cangey, wrote me to laugh about my ‘butt dialing’ comments from yesterday, which made me laugh about it again. You should go read Shannon’s blog too. It’s worth it.
  • Lindsay wrote Michelle and me a very nice letter.
  • Melissa Passmore made copies for me for class tonight, which saved me a lot of time. She’s also working on copies of keys for some of us. She’s a good secretary!
  • We had good, simple leftovers for dinner.
  • I picked one zucchini and four tomatoes from the garden.
  • Youth Group tonight was great and it was very good to see so many of the teens!
  • Josh Turner, a missionary from Australia, visited us tonight for class.
  • God often, often protects me from my own stupidity.

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7 responses to “Daily Thanks – 8/5/2009

  1. kristina korobov

    i’m really thankful for this blog. It’s made me a lot more reflective on how much God does for me!

    • kristina, thanks for coming by the blog to read and leave a comment. you still cross my mind from time to time when I think of all our classes together at ISU with Dr. Porter and others.

  2. dudethatscrazy

    How do you get the “stupidity protection service” from God? Is it like Drillbit Taylor – can I suggest it online?

  3. Derek

    Gary, thanks for linking this on Facebook. I just wanted you to know how much of an encouragement this is to me. I was pulled over earlier (and ticketed…less than I deserved, even) and have not been having a great time because of that, but this was a great reminder of the good positive things in life and helped me to calm down. Thanks for sharing what you are thankful for, and in doing that, providing something positive and uplifting. You definitely made my list of “Daily Thanks.”

    • Hey Derek, thanks for leaving your thoughts on here. I’m glad the post helped you. So where did you get your ticket? In Paoli?

      • Derek

        No, it happened leaving Indianapolis. I was actually in Boone County and getting on the Interstate. The officer informed me that the speed limit was only 55 for about 8/10ths of a mile and I was going…interstate speed.

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