Daily Thanks – 8/4/2009

Today I’m thankful that…

  • We were up early today to see Collin and Elsa off on a trip with Grammy and Pappy. They headed over to Brown County to stay in the lodge and go to the water park. But it stormed like crazy and knocked the power out for so long that they had to come home this evening.
  • Matthew and Kortni were with them on the trip to Brown County to help keep the kids safe and calm during the storm. In fact, they were stuck in a McDonalds during the worst part of the storm and Collin said the power went out at the exact moment he took the last bite of his cheeseburger. He thinks that may have done it.
  • Collin’s vacation day was made complete when McDonalds passed out free apple pies to everyone stranded in the powerless restaurant.
  • Elsa is so easy going that she thinks the day went exactly as planned with the power outage and riding out a storm for 2 hours in a dark McDonalds.
  • Michelle, Jude and I got to spend a quiet, peaceful day at home relaxing. We did nothing. Really, nothing. It was glorious. As Michelle said, “It’s nice to sit still without feeling guilty about sitting still.”
  • I had a good text conversation with Meghan Hill.
  • I got to talk to Rebecca Burris on the phone while she checked the Sowder’s sump pump after the storm.
  • Luke Burris accidently ‘butt dialed’ me on his cell phone while he was out shopping in Alabama with Caroline. And he actually heard me yelling in his pocket. People who dial me on accident in their pockets can never hear me yelling and I always stay on the phone yelling for a few minutes to see if they’ll hear me. I find this amusing each time. But Luke wins the award for good ears.
  • Doreen Embree & Jennifer Edwards made us a great dinner!
  • Chad Edwards helped them deliver dinner. Chad and Jennifer will have their baby in the next couple of weeks so we talked about lots of things from pushing out babies to breast feeding. To Chad’s credit, he remained calm through the whole conversation!
  • Jonathan Arnold and Clara Cave were in town and brought us trash bags from Dollar General that we needed so we didn’t have to leave the house. And they got to see Baby Jude!
  • Jordan Cory and Lindsay Slone are covering responsibilities for College Group tonight.
  • While Collin, Elsa and I were laying in Collin’s bed to chat before sleep time, Collin said “Dad, feel my ear. It’s hot.” I told him my ear used to do that sometimes and we always called it hot ear; and that it was ok because it really didn’t mean anything was wrong with your ear. Collin said, “Yes it does mean something! Curt says it means you’re thinking about a pretty girl and how hot she is so your ear gets hot. I wonder which girl I was thinking about?”  I wonder what else Uncle Curt is teaching him.
  • Chelsea Neely texted to ask how my day was.
  • We’re sitting now with the cool night air blowing through the screen of the sliding doors on the back porch into the family room. I love cool summer evenings after storms.
  • God is listening and involved. I can see that today in a couple of situations that friends are going through.

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4 responses to “Daily Thanks – 8/4/2009

  1. Kortni

    Despite the storm today, we really enjoyed being with Collin and Elsa! They are so funny and I just love ’em!

  2. Gary~
    You’re amazing!! Your post everyday just lifts me up..It gives me a good laugh….And they just make me smile…

  3. monkeedaddy

    Hot ear is a real medical condition and Collin is right. You get hot ear from thinking about that one special girl. I get it all the time when I think about Beth.

  4. Curt is such a nerd!!Not really I love he’s my adopted poppa…lol….How could you not love him…

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