Daily Thanks – 8/3/2009

Today I’m thankful that…

  • Although I had to get  up early today, I woke up to find Michelle and Jude already up and bright eyed. Well, Jude was bright eyes. Michelle’s eyes were a little sleepy looking.
  • I got a chuckle that when I pulled into the parking lot at church at 6:40 a.m., Tyler Gassman was already there in his car waiting for the rest of us. He wins the promptness prize for the day!
  • Our youth group boat trip was today.
  • When I went to buy ice for the coolers for our trip, I remembered that last time Terry’s Gas Station gave us the ice to help on our trip. I appreciated that.
  • Nikki Arnold did the job of secretary today for me and checked everyone in for the trip and collected money.
  • Nikki, Lindsay Slone and Elizabeth Patton all helped out by driving for the trip today.
  • Rick Milligan and I got to talk fishing while we drove down.
  • Allison Canada rode shotgun with me in the church van.
  • I got to see my cousin Ryan Shipman at the marina. And I also got to see his girlfriend, Kacie, too, who is always very sweet to talk to. (sorry about the rough boat docking in the wind, Ryan!)
  • Emmalee Shover and Emily Cessna wanted to learn about piloting boats and both did a great job driving a little on the water.
  • Jeff Shover got to go with us today although he leaves to head back to Vermont tomorrow. At one point today, he came climbing up over the rails onto the upper deck of the boat and spit out a whole, huge mouthful of popcorn into his hands. When everyone said ‘yuck!’, he said, ‘what? I didn’t have any hands free since I was climbing.’
  • Stephan Brazzell did awesome can openers off the top deck and soaked everyone on the bottom deck.
  • Tyler ‘Dookie’ Morris stood with his back to us and poured a bottle of water from waist high to make it look from behind as if he were peeing. I’m aware this is ‘boy humor’, as Michelle calls it, but it made me laugh hard enough that I made him do it again so I could video tape it. I put the video on facebook.
  • We had a safe, fun day on the water.
  • For some reason, Leon Williams popped into my head tonight. Le0n’s a good guy who sang in the barbershop chorus in Terre Haute with us. He actually gave us our first jobs in Terre Haute and mentored us in working hard even though we weren’t very good workers as I remember it. And I appreciate him for that.
  • Tonight at home was great; playing with Michelle and the kids in the back yard. We played hide-n-seek and Elsa hid in the same place every time. Collin hid in the garden once, under a tomato plant.
  • Martha and Marc Fields brought us a great dinner tonight.
  • I’m watching Michelle and Jude laying in the floor together and the big kids are in bed.
  • God is real whether my life proves it or not. And that makes me want to prove it more with my life.


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3 responses to “Daily Thanks – 8/3/2009

  1. Hide and seek eh? You’ve reminded me of this hilarious bit (some language): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4u2ZsoYWwJA

  2. allison

    I love you, Gary Spear! I am thankful to have the whole Spear family in my life.

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