Daily Thanks – 8/2/2009

Today I’m thankful that…

  • I woke up to a beautiful day to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.
  • Egg wrap for breakfast: farm fresh egg from Teresa, fresh salsa, wheat wrap. Good.
  • I wore a new pair of pants today in another smaller size. Got them dirty goofing with the kids on the way to worship but they were new for a while!
  • We walked in from the parking lot with the Kerr family who yesterday celebrated the wedding of Austin, their first child to get married!
  • In the hallway in our education wing at church, little Allison Hudson saw me and said, ‘there’s Jesus.’ I laughed because, let me assure you, I could be much more Jesus-like but I think when the little kids at church see me up front leading worship that they connect me mentally with Jesus. This is a lot of pressure and should probably be a good reminder to all of us adults that the kids are watching us for how to live!
  • Allen, Wayne, Matthew and Lindsay covered all my responsibilities this week again at class and worship so I could relax with my family.
  • Since I got to sit with the kids, Elsa cuddled up under my arm for me to color with her during the sermon. I was only allowed to use purple.
  • Ashley Samuel was at worship this morning to visit so I got a big Ashley-hug!
  • It was Jude’s first trip to Sunday lunch at Nanny’s house. She’s Michelle’s grandma and is more energetic and lively in her 70s than most of us in our 30s.
  • I got to spend lunch and the afternoon with many people I love.
  • Cousin Christie tried on Michelle’s baby sling and even practiced carrying Jude in it.
  • I had a fun text conversation with Rebecca Burris.
  • Elsa helped Michelle with the laundry hanging out on the line in the warm breeze and bright sun. I love living in a small rural town.
  • Collin was my sous chef as we prepped the meat and veggies for the grill at dinner time. He’s getting really good at cooking.
  • Our fridge pickles that we made to sit overnight from yesterday were delicious!
  • Grammy and Pappy brought more food to add to the dinner and we had a great family meal around our table.
  • I had two family meals in one day.
  • After dinner, Collin wanted to show Pappy how he’s learned to drive the lawn tractor. Collin decided the best

    click to enlarge

    way to show off his new talent was to be dressed up as Santa when he pulled out of the shed to show Pappy so here he came with a Santa hat on and a beard taped to his face that he’d made out of notebook paper. Only my child…

  • We finished the evening lounging in the family room and watching the final episode of The Next Food Network Star, the only reality program I can really stand. I hate all the contrived drama on the reality shows but I love that the star of this show is the food!


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2 responses to “Daily Thanks – 8/2/2009

  1. dudethatscrazy

    I am thankful for communion. A bunch of christians lined up at the alter, taking shots for God. Although it is grape juice…
    Ok – in all seriousness – I love communion, its lifts my spirit, and makes me gracious.

  2. Jennifer, you made me laugh again. Although you do make me think that one of the special things about communion is that it is transcendental and yet down to earth where we live, all at the same time. That seems strange at first glance but is really a great picture of Emmanuel, God with us.

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