Daily Thanks – 8/1/2009

Today I’m thankful that…

  • Elsa got in bed with me this morning and we slept in a little past Collin and Michelle.
  • I had my usual farm fresh egg from Teresa’s farm and this morning I had it in a wrap with some of our homemade salsa from yesterday.
  • Collin and I practiced his baseball skills this morning with some glove work and he’s doing well even catching to his opposite side. Of course, I also hit one grounder to him a little harder than I meant to and it one-bounced him on his arm above his glove. He may have a good bruise! Oops.
  • Elsa used Collin’s bat to try to hit the ball as Collin pitched to her but she hit me twice instead. I may have a bruise too.
  • Joni and Lily Mathews stopped by to visit today.
  • I got a hair cut today, which is on of my favorite things, from Kim up at her new shop by the old Pamida Store.
  • I got to see Ronnie and Natasha Davis today.
  • We picked some cucumbers from our garden. Collin, Elsa, and I used them to make fridge pickles this afternoon. They’re in the fridge now and will be ready tomorrow!
  • Lindsay Slone came by today and went to do some youth group work for me. Thanks!
  • I got to mow this afternoon, which is always relaxing and I get to listen to a good audio book while I do it.
  • We ordered out for dinner and had El Compadre.
  • Michelle took the kids out to play after dinner while I got to sit and relax while Jude napped.
  • Jean Sowders came by to visit and helped give Elsa her bath!
  • I got to laugh because when I went to check on how Collin was doing in his bath, I found him using his spray soap to put soap all over the side of the tub. When I said, ‘Collin don’t waste your soap like that’, he said, ‘I’m not wasting it. This is how I wash my back.’ At which point, he pressed his back against the soap on the side of the tub and slide back and forth.
  • Ben Craton and Jennifer Coombes made me laugh at their comments on yesterdays thanks and Julie Greene commented with her thanks list.
  • I’m now sitting next to my lovely, sweet wife and drinking hot tea.
  • God is present in my heart, mind and even in my imagination.


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2 responses to “Daily Thanks – 8/1/2009

  1. So many things to be grateful for.

  2. Today I am thankful:

    -That I don’t live in the ancient Aztec empire.
    -There is little danger in Lafayette of being enslaved, having my heart cut out, and beheaded all on the same day.
    -That I have fast enough internet speeds to grab a non-BD movie in about 20 minutes.
    -It rained so I didn’t have to mow my grass.
    -My kittens actually slept during a whole movie instead of attacking my eyes.

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