Daily Thanks – 7/30/2009

Today I’m thankful that…

  • Elsa and I slept in till almost 8:00 a.m.!
  • Collin, Michelle and Jude had an hour alone before we got up.
  • I had a farm fresh egg from Teresa Birtles organic farm for breakfast.
  • We discovered PG Tips Tea. At the risk of sounding girly, I’ll share that it’s great hot with some cream and sugar in it.
  • Our children are actually hobbits in disguise and prove so with their eating habits. I couldn’t fix breakfast fast enough to keep up with Collin and Elsa. Then they had Second Breakfast, Elevensies, Lunch, Second Lunch, Pre-Dinner…you get the picture.
  • Michelle continues to feel better each day and is getting her energy back.
  • Jude is a good baby and I swear he’s smiling already.
  • I had Matthew’s smoked, pulled pork for lunch and it was good.
  • Collin and I played Wii Sports today.
  • Elsa and I practiced her writing all our names. She’s pretty good for 3 years old!
  • Collin and I spent some time online looking for Bobby Flay’s fan club. Collin loves cooking and the Food Network right now and his favorite is “Bobby Fillet.”
  • Rebecca and Kedra came to visit.
  • Nikki came to visit and played with the kids.
  • Mike & Jeannie Church brought dinner for us.
  • Grammy and Pappy came to get Collin and Elsa to take them on a play date.
  • I got to hold Jude for a while in peace with the big kids gone.
  • Michelle and I had time to chat when Jude napped.
  • Kortni picked up things for us at Wal-Mart that we needed.
  • Robin Roberts doesn’t have to move away.
  • John and Matthew got to go see part of the Senior Open today.
  • God is patient and long-suffering with all of us.


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