Daily Thanks – 7/29/2009

Today I’m thankful that…

  • The kids slept till 7:45 this morning!
  • When Collin asked for fruity pebbles for breakfast and I said they weren’t very healthy, he said he’d cut a banana up in them to make it all come out even.
  • I got to wrestle in the floor with Collin and Elsa.
  • Krystal called to chat about a story she’s doing on Big Sam, the Amish farmer, and other providers of good produce.
  • Collin and Elsa call Big Sam’s wife ‘Mrs Sam’. And we ate some of a  loaf of zucchini bread that she made us.
  • Kortni came over to help clean the house and do laundry. She’s a good sister!
  • Collin has been such a good helper and big brother to the smaller kids.
  • Matthew smoked some pork today and brought me some.
  • We still have enough food in the house from people bringing us meals that I had delicious leftovers for lunch and dinner.
  • I got to hold Jude for 2 of his 9 naps today.
  • The kids helped me in the garden and we have our first pumpkin on the vine.
  • Nikki sent me an encouraging text today.
  • Amanda posted her thanks yesterday.
  • I got to talk to Chelsea on the phone today.
  • Collin and I pulled green persimmons off the tree and hit them with whiffle ball bats.
  • The kids are now peacefully in bed and I’m spending time with Michelle and Jude.
  • There may be a lovely frozen cheese pizza in my immediate future.

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2 responses to “Daily Thanks – 7/29/2009

  1. Manda Jo

    Today, I am thankful:
    ~ that two of the boys slept in well past 10:30am this morning! (HA! Beat ya, Gary!)
    ~That our preacher, Darrell, has asked for our thoughts and dreams for our church to be presented to the elders. A true testament that we must be doing something right as a group of “young adults”..the church of now.
    ~That I have wonderful friends with wonderful children who genuinely care for my family as much as we care for them.
    ~That I got to cook my 5 men pancakes for dinner, then make a late night run to McDonalds for myself.
    ~That my Dayson learned the color “Blue” today, and can identify many “Bwoo” items around the house.
    ~That Dayson also learned the word “Pillow” today..and has now developed a game out of stealing said pillow from underneath my head.
    ~That God gave us a chance to have a beautiful little kitten, Miss Kitty, for a couple of weeks. Miss Kitty was Michaels kitten, and Daysons very favorite. She passed tonight. I hope there’s a room for kittens in heaven. ❤
    ~That our other Kitten, George, is healthy and playful and a bundle of fun.
    ~That Dayson is still too young to experience the sadness of losing a pet.
    ~That I got to tuck Dayson in bed tonight, sing him the chorus of Tenth Avenue North's "By Your Side", then lay "Pingy" down by his side.

    Most of all, Im thankful that God has given me so many things to be thankful for.

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