Daily Thanks – 7/28/2009

Today I’m thankful that…

  • I got to spend an entire, uninterrupted day with Collin and Elsa since Elsa had a fever and we didn’t leave the house.
  • I got to do all three meals today for the kids. I think that’s a first for me since Michelle usually does that!
  • Elsa asked me to color with her.
  • Collin and I figure out how to make monster trucks on his Cars: Mater-National game on Wii. (like I said, it was an indoor day!)
  • We played Bakugans and we all tied three games in a row.
  • Collin and I had a  talk about the importance of being nice with our attitudes and words.
  • God blessed me with such a great wife and kids.
  • C.S. Lewis wrote so many good books.
  • Jean brought us popsicles.
  • Mike & Joni brought us pizzas.
  • Teresa Birtles brought us a great dinner of homemade corn chowder, meatballs with pasta and fresh blackberries with honey and mint. It was awesome!
  • Grace sent me encouraging texts today.
  • Rebecca made me laugh during a text conversation and raised her eyebrow at me.
  • Baby Jude is getting stronger every day.

Join me in Daily Thanks by leaving your thanks in the comment box below!




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5 responses to “Daily Thanks – 7/28/2009

  1. Amanda Jo

    Today, I am thankful:

    ~that Michael appreciates all that I do and understands how trying it can be for me sometimes.
    ~That I have four handsome little men sleeping soundly throughout my house and one handsome big man snoring loudly in my bed.
    ~that the rain held out and we had another beautiful day of sunshine
    ~that tomorrow is Bible Class night and i can spend a whole hour with 15 of my favorite people, growing, conversing, and just being together.
    ~for the sweet apologetic hugs without words that Dayson gives me after he’s gotten into trouble.
    ~for the honor of waking up every morning to see Michael off to work.
    ~for slobbery open mouth kisses on the cheek from Dayson
    ~successfuly making a meatloaf from scratch without a recipe.
    ~for Michael being understanding of my lack of talent in the kitchen
    ~for M&Ms in bed at midnight
    ~and for a good friend like you gary, who constantly challenges me to not just drift thru life, but to stop, think, and appreciate.

  2. Today, I am thankful:

    -No one I know died.
    -My car didn’t explode.
    -My house didnt burn down.
    -My kittens didnt mutate into demon spawn and consume me in my sleep.
    -I don’t have children.

    Actually, I think thats pretty much everyday.

    • Ben –

      Interesting list of things to be thankful for. And this is exactly the kind of thing that I appreciate about you: you look past the conspicuous blessings that bog down the attention of most people and move on to the more inconspicuous blessings. I think not being eaten in your sleep falls in this category for sure.

  3. Manda Jo

    Aw shucks 🙂 Thanks Gary! Love ya!

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