Daily Thanks – 7/27/2009

Today I’m thankful that…

  • I got to sleep in until almost 7:00 a.m.!
  • All three kids sat in the chair again with me this morning. I know this is a repeat from other days but it really is my favorite time of the day.
  • We had out first trip to Dr. Debbie today for a weigh-in for Jude and he’s gained about 6 ozs already. Michelle’s milk is good stuff!
  • I got to sit in the van and watch Toy Story with the kids while Michelle and Jude went into the hospital for his blood tests. (just routine tests)
  • I have Scrabble on my cell phone to pass the time if I ever sit bored and tired of thinking.
  • I got to take Collin and Elsa out for a lunch date at El Compadre while Michelle and Jude stayed home to relax.
  • Jean Sowders came to visit my wife today and is a good friend.
  • My mom came to visit today and brought clothes for Jude.
  • I got to push Elsa in the backyard swing.
  • Collin and I started building a new model today of a pioneer style fort.
  • We picked our 4th tomato today from the garden, which never made it inside because Collin and I ate it before we left the garden!
  • Collin, my 6 year old son, said, “There’s a little bug in my cup of water. Would it hurt you if you swallowed a bug?” Michelle told him no, it probably wouldn’t hurt anyone. So he drank it. That’s my boy!
  • We had good left-overs for dinner from the Parsley’s meal.
  • Elsa curled up in my lap and went to sleep just before bedtime.
  • Mike Collins is out there being useful and thankful too.
  • Ben Craton is a friend of mine because he makes me think and laugh often. (Ben, you just were on my mind today! It may be the cat thing.)
  • My wife is a good mom and mother!
  • Collin and I are having a late boys night with snacks and Mario Kart on the Wii.

Join me in Daily Thanks by leaving your thanks in the comment box below!




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5 responses to “Daily Thanks – 7/27/2009

  1. dudethatscrazy

    Came across your “thanks” today…it’s always nice to hear people give thanks for little things. Like kids eating bugs…thats my boy too, both of them. Thanks for sharing, I’m sure God got a good chuckle too…

  2. DeAnne

    I am thankful for clean sheets on the bed, memories of my kids when they were little, that Emma’s foot continues to improve, that my grand-baby is progressing nicely & getting ready for his debut in September, that his Mom is gonna be a great Mom, that I no longer feel guilty when I pass a poultry truck or a livestock truck on the highway, that my Gracey is not-so-serious, that Joey challenges me intellectually sometimes, that Dan can make me laugh.

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