Daily Thanks – 7/26/2009

Today I’m thankful that…

  • Although I was home still this morning with the new baby, I knew my church family was meeting and worshiping.
  • I belong to and work for a church family that serves this community we live in.
  • There are a lot of teens I love in our youth group enough that I miss them while I’m off with the new baby.
  • Allen, Matthew, Lindsay and Wayne are covering my IMG_6645responsibilities on Sundays and around the office so I can be off a couple of weeks.
  • Collin and I got to paint his model plane this morning while the other 3 members of our household took a nap.
  • Curt, Beth and Jake brought us lunch. It was delicious and healthy!
  • Collin looks up to Jake.
  • Callie Ann and Caroline stopped in to see us before they left for TN.
  • I got to take Collin and Elsa on a daddy drive today; snacks at Marathon and the drive out towards Tunnelton.
  • I got to mow today and that my rider is still working really well.
  • I listened to Pendragon book 3 while I mowed. I’m reading this series in respect of Jake.
  • Allison stopped in to visit.
  • Collin and I played some computer games together.
  • Michelle and Elsa went on a walk together both wearing their baby slings with their baby in them.
  • I got to read to the kids in bed; a book about going to grandma’s house.
  • I got to hold baby Jude while Michelle rubbed on his lotion.
  • Ashley stopped in to give us a fresh, homemade loaf of sweet strawberry bread she made for us.

Join me in Daily Thanks by leaving your thanks in the comment box below!


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