Daily Thanks – 7/22/2009

Today I’m thankful that…

  • My lovely wife, Michelle, woke me at 5:30 a.m. to tell me she was in labor
  • All the staff at Dunn Hospital worked so hard to make Michelle comfortable and safe
  • Sandra was our main nurse
  • Dr. Craton stopped in to check on us this morning before the delivery
  • The Dunn delivery rooms have jacuzzi tubs for women in labor
  • Dr. Scherschel is a very talented deliverer of babies
  • Michelle is one tough woman during labor and delivery
  • Judah Dean Spear was born at 10:57 and was healthy
  • Dr. Scherschel and I talked about types of Harleys while we were waiting for the placenta to deliver
  • I got to see lots of family and friends hold my new son
  • Collin and Elsa love their new baby brother
  • Little Jude nursed well
  • I heard the cooks at Bible Camp, including Sue, sang ‘Hey Jude’ when the heard what we named him
  • Emily Dunn brought me a great sub sandwich for lunch after the delivery
  • Papa Bob sat in the squeaky rocking chair in the delivery room and rocked for an hour before he realized he was the one making all the squeaking noise
  • Mama Maxine thought all the squeaking was a bird trapped somewhere in the delivery room
  • Casa Brava cooked me dinner and Nikki Arnold went to help me pick it up
  • God guided the whole day

Add your daily thanks in the comments below!




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2 responses to “Daily Thanks – 7/22/2009

  1. Congratulations Gary and Michellle!

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