SMBC College Week 2009

“I saw well why the gods do not speak to us openly, nor let us answer. Till that word can be dug out of us, why should they hear the babble that we think we mean? How can they meet us face to face till we have faces?”       –C.S. Lewis from Till We Have Faces

SPRING MILL BIBLE CAMP – Mitchell, Indiana

College Week 2009

May 30 – June 5  (Saturday – Friday)

Theme:  Till We Have Faces…the case against God, and His patient answers.

This is a brand new week of camp so please read the info carefully and write to ask us any questions you might have. You can email me or write me on facebook. Leave me a comment here if you need my email address and I’ll write to you. You can also contact Curt Parsley or Matthew Canada through email, facebook or their blogs.

We’re really excited to be working hard on this week of camp. We hope you’re planning to come and that you’re planning to invite some of your other college friends.

We have a brochure and a poster ready for you to get. Some of you are on our mailing list so you’ll be getting registration and brochures mailed to you. Others of you aren’t on our list and we’d like to get you the info.

You can read some of the text here and also click the pictures to enlarge them (see the album at the bottom of this post). I think they’ll be big enough for you to read. I can also send you the brochures in jpeg format so you can view them as pictures. They’re saved at the right size for you to print on standard copy paper. Curt is working on converting the files to PDF format so you can download them. He’ll have that done next week and we’ll let you know how to download them.

For now, if you want the jpegs, email me and I’ll send them to you. If you print these, make sure to print them to the front and back of a page so you can fold it into a tri-fold brochure!

We hope you’ll print a few of these to share with friends. And print some posters to hang up at your dorm, your college, and your church! (please note the posters have info tabs at the bottom that should have a cut between them so people can rip them off to take the info with them!) We also hope you’ll open up an email and send this info to all the college age people you know that you would like to see come to camp for college week. You can send them the link to this blog post if they want to read more.

I’ll be posting some of the text from the brochure for you to read here next. Our theme is taken from the C.S. Lewis book Till We Have Faces, which deals with the doubts and questions we all have about God. You might borrow or buy a copy to read. It will be worth the time and money, I promise. Here is some text from our brochure:

A New Week of Camp … A New Adventure

If you grew up going to a Bible camp, then you know what an impact a camp can have on your life. We’ve been listening to college aged people talk a lot about how they miss the days of being a camper with strong friendships, spiritual focus and a sense of belonging. Its made us think that we as a camp need to do a better job meeting the needs of your age group. We don’t see many college-aged weeks offered at camps, where you can come experience camp without the pressure of being on staff. We wanted to rise to the challenge of creating a college week to meet those needs and also to offer a challenging time of sharing, listening, and growing. With the decision made to craft a college week, we are faced with how to make the week relevant enough to your life that you’d want to come.

We talked about the pressures of life and college-life with many people. We read books. We prayed. We listened again. And we heard most college kids saying that God is so hard to figure out that sometimes it seems like He’s playing hard-to-get. We listened to them talk about pain and confusion, broken families and doubting their faith, their dreams versus God’s dream. How can we defend the existence of God with the world in such a mess? How can we trust Him and His purposes and plans when He’s often so confusing?

These are the questions we heard over and over again; sometimes in those exact words but more often hidden between other words and within other doubts. And these questions are the ones we want to take head-on. God is willing to listen and He has answers.

So, come and bring your baggage: pain, hurt, disappointments, questions and doubts. You can also bring your joys, triumphs and blessings. Just come be real for a week. Join us. You’ll be glad you did.

Please mark your calendars and start to send in your registrations. We scheduled it for the very first week of June in hopes that you could get that week free to be there. So remember to ask off work if you have your summer job already!

And this new college week will only be successful with your help. We need you to pass the word around among your friends. We need you to pass on the info and then encourage people to come. We’re praying really hard for this to be a week to bless your lives so please join us in prayer. And send some emails out to friends right now while it’s on your mind, please!!

Click these links to see the brochures and the poster! And drop me a line if you want to read the book. I can send it to you in pdf format!

Brochure Back         Brochure Front         College Week Poster 2009

We’ll see you at camp!


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  1. The brochure and posters are now available in PDF format, which makes them easy to print on your home computer/printer.

    If you’d like to have the PDF files, please email me or call me if you have my contact info. If you don’t have my info, then please leave a comment here and let me know where you want the files emailed to.

    I hope you’re all praying and helping to promote this great new opportunity for college age people!

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