Giving Up Soul Care for Lent?

ctcovertestby Gary

I don’t know if any of you read Christianity Today online. If any of you do, you may have seen this article already. If not, it’s worth reading and thinking about. Thanks to my lovely wife, Michelle, for bringing this article to my attention. I think she may actually be the brains behind this operation!!

Jon Micah Richardson and I just had a conversation the other day about how it seems so many Christians measure themselves by the latest fad and the latest books and the latest ways to live radically. Curt Parsley and I have talked about this many times too. It seems we have trouble doing what the huge, unnamed masses do in the new testament, which is be converted to Jesus and then live it out right there on their piece of ground that they already lived on; doing it as it comes to them by the personal indwelling of the Spirit and strength of God.

Instead we’re tempted to evaluate ourselves by the latest book or the most recent spiritual writer or leader. We’re always looking for some new sign by which to measure our spiritual growth, to the point that we end up looking much more at ourselves than at God.

This article addresses all this in an insightful way and with an evocative challenge. Give it a read. (and yes, I see the irony of asking you to read something about living more simply.)

‘God Only’ – Giving Up Soul Care for Lent (click to go to article)



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5 responses to “Giving Up Soul Care for Lent?

  1. I had seen this article before and reread it now… it had many good points, and is the perfect response to where that author is at…. but not all believers are in the same place… to sweepingly suggest for everyone to give up soul care is a dangerous suggestion that rides the line of guessing what God wants when it isn’t up to us to guess or judge on a massive scale. I have mixed feelings on ‘Marketing Jesus’ because it is SO RELEVANT to today. But where is the line drawn? do we take up soul care again after lent? I’ll tell you what I sense, it’s about authenticity. I believe it is laid out in the gospels and check out Isaiah 58… I think god wants for each of us to follow his lead, we all have our own fingerprint to use to wrap God around this world of ours!!! We need to take up this call personally and then use it in the Body of Christ, being careful not to make our own calls fit into everyone else’s… and believe me, I see myself in this boat too! peace to you… Cindy

  2. Hey Cindy,

    I think we are actually thinking along the same lines but saying it in different ways. In fact, you may have worded it better than I when you said, “We need to take up this call personally and then use it in the Body of Christ, being careful not to make our own calls fit into everyone else’s…”

    I agree we don’t need to just take up the suggestions of this article any more than we just take up the thinking in the latest, popular books. We need to think personally and react personally. And I struggle with all this too because I read a lot. Reading and learning are great; I’m just afraid a lot of people start measuring themselves by what they read and forget to intentionally stare at Jesus.

    I’m afraid of this because I think I see it in myself from time to time. If I’m not careful, I find myself spending more time reading books on spiritual deeds and ideas than I spend actually reading the words Jesus spoke; and reading more books about the Bible than actually reading the Bible itself. And I see alot of other people around me falling into the same pattern. So no judgement here on my part. I’m a part of all this too!

    Thanks for adding some insight to the conversation!!

  3. I too, need to sit still in surrender to our King, and I dedicate time to Bible class weekly, even when I’ve already read the text… I always get something new, especially out of discussion with others. I sometimes wonder if it IS the conversation that is important. It seems that is how Christ taught. That’s what keeps me true to my own call.

  4. I’ve enjoyed our comversation here, by the way.

  5. Hey Cindy –

    I’ve enjoyed the conversation as well. And I agree about the conversation itself being of the utmost importance.

    God not only called us to Himself. He also called us together.

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