Winterfest! Loving God, Loving Others

winterfest-logo“Our love to God is measured by our everyday fellowship with others and the love it displays.” -Andrew Murray

by Gary

This weekend is our annual trip to Winterfest. There will be about 68 of us heading to Gatlinburg; that includes teens and chaperones so pray for safety and sanity!

The theme this year is ‘Love God, Love Other.’ For our group, we’re going to focus mostly on the ‘Love Others’ part. This isn’t because it’s more important than loving God, of course. I just think most of us do ok with at least thinking about loving God. We know that God is someone who deserves and captures our thoughts from time to time. We’re intentional with Him a lot; whether it’s intentionally happy or intentionally sad, we think about how to relate to Him.

But I think with ‘loving others’ the we fall off a little. I think we usually settle for ‘don’t make anyone mad’ or ‘don’t do bad things’ instead of ‘do something to bless others’ or ‘do everything with love.’ In fact doing everything with love is a biblical directive.

Be on your guard;
stand firm in the faith;
be people of courage; be strong.
Do everything in love.
-1 Corinthians 16: 13, 14

I won’t presume to tell you how to do ‘everything in love’ in your life because I don’t know your circumstances or relationship dynamics. But I will challenge you to think about what it should mean to you and to consider how  you can be more intentional about acting in love. And don’t let yourself off the hook by saying that others won’t act back with love. That has no bearing on whether you should act with love. True love can function independently of any reciprocation of love.

So think…then act. And throw some prayer in there too.

On a different but slightly related note, Chris Wood sent me the link to this cool story. Follow it. It’s worth reading.

Amid Grieving, a Rare Act of Sportsmanship



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4 responses to “Winterfest! Loving God, Loving Others

  1. Tennessee, the greatest state of them all! Look to the hills…

  2. Perhaps its my mathematical brain interfering with my heart, but when I think of loving others and loving God, I just can’t seem to not get over the idea that loving others is a subset (and possibly a subset that includes all members of the set) of the set of loving God. It’s easier if I can draw it out when I explain my mind, but eh.

  3. I’m just now getting caught up on my blog comments.

    Ben, thanks for the well wishes of avoiding death. I was successful in that venture.

    Fatty McKee, I thought you were dead! Come see me sometime soon.

    Courtney, your set/sub-set thoughts makes sense. It’s really a false dichotomy to separate the two kinds of love. But I would still love to see your drawings on it!

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