Person of the year.

by Mike

It is that time of the year again.  No not Christmas (well, yes it is Christmastime, but that’s not what this blog is about).  TIME magazine, and many other entities, will soon name their “Person of the Year.”  I’m certainly not spoiling anything if I say that Barak Obama will be on the top of most of those lists this year.  So, let’s use the comment space here to “nominate” people who’ve meant the most to us this year.  Give us your own personal “5 (or so) most influential people of 2008” list names and a brief reason what they’ve meant to you.  Have fun and give thanks to God for the people in your life.

I guess I should go first:

5.)  Matthew Canada, Mitch Fields, John Hudson, T-dub (Terry Wayne Slone), Gary Spear and Matthew Sowders – My closest friends.  People who will hang out with me have always been hard to come by, but a guy couldn’t ask for a better group of pals.  These are people who influence who I am and what I think in innumerable ways.

4.)  Lillian, Maddox and Grant Mathews – Fatherhood has influenced me like nothing I’ve ever experienced.  Everyday I learn about life, people, God and a myriad of other things from my children. 

3.)  The owners of El Compadre resturant – not having to drive to Bedford for quality Mexican food is a big deal to me and my family.

2.)  Alan Wood – An old friend of the family who showed up in an unexpected way this summer to help me get a teaching job at Mitchell.  The single biggest change for me this year was being hired as the 6th grade math teacher at Mitchell.  Living in Mitchell and working in Scottsburg was a difficult burden for us.  Also I want to thank Phillip Storm (who actually offered me the job) and the dozens of people who prayed for us during the process.

1.)  Joni Mathews – My wife.  She would probably be at the top of my list every year.  Especially this year, Joni’s love and support keeps me sane, sober and satisfied.  She’s had to face challenges and personal difficulties that others will never know about.  I love and appreciate her more now than ever before.

I may add some honorable mentions as they come to mind, but these are the ones who I thought of first.


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  1. Mike Mathews

    I should also add Arin McIntosh to the list. Her recovery from life-threatening injuries was and is an inspiration and an answer to so many prayers. Truly an amazing person.

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