Big dog, little dog. Good dog, bad dog

[Gary ups the ante and adds pictures to his posts.  Surprisingly, Mike follows suit.]

Katie and Lucy
Katie and Lucy

by Mike   

Joni and I went to the Lawrence County Humane Society “just to look” at the dogs.  Twice.  We have two dogs. 


Early in our marriage, we went for our first visit we came home with Lucy.  She is part boxer, part mut and (except for one pork chop incident) has been an all-around great dog.  In fact, she is practically perfect; she barks at people she doesn’t know, but not too much, she learned quickly where she could and couldn’t go, but most of all she is wonderful with our kids.  There aren’t many things our children haven’t tried to get Lucy to do, she either goes along or sombers gently out of the room.  Good dog.

But Lucy is getting old.  So, Joni thought it would be a good idea to get another dog.  The theory was that already having a replacement would ease the transition when Lucy died and that Lucy could help socialize the new puppy.  You know, kinda show her the ropes, teach her how to be loved by the nice humans. 

Therefore we took a second trip “just to look” and came home with Katie.  Katie is part boxer and part German Shepherd.  Katie barks and whines most of her waking hours, she gets in my garden and knocks down the plants, she begs for food when we’re trying to eat.  But worst of all, Katie make the kids cry and scream by jumping, licking, nipping and taking food and toys from them.    Bad dog.  

Maddox, Grant, Lillian and Katie

Maddox, Grant, Lillian and Katie

 It’s a funny thing about influence and expectations.  We expected all the “puppy stuff” and knew we’d have to teach Katie how to behave.  We thought Lucy would help by being a good influence.  But what wasn’t expected is that now Lucy “learned” to take food from the children’s hands and to beg at the table and has the audacity to lay right on top of my pepper plants in the garden.  We wanted to get another dog so Lucy could pass on the traits of a good dog.  Why is it that instead, she reverted to her past bad behaviors?  Was that an unreasonable expectation for a dog owner?  Should I have known better? 

Does God ask similar questions about the way we act?  Does He put people in our lives to whom we are supposed to be good influences?  When He does, do we respond faithfully?  Or do we revert back to unGodly behaviors?  Do we understand that He expects more from us than He does from the “puppies”? 


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One response to “Big dog, little dog. Good dog, bad dog

  1. First of all, very nice thoughts.

    Secondly, I’m very impressed with the addition of pictures. You’re either smarter than I thought you were or you had Mad Dog help you figure out the pictures.

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