Help, I’ve Fallen and I Don’t Want to Get Up!

In one of the new episodes last week, SpongeBob becomes normal. He’s all smooth with no holes and speaks in quiet monotone. Squidward loves it and makes SpongeBob his new best friend. But SpongeBob becomes tired of being normal and wants to be weird again. He decides help from the master of weirdness is his only Hope. So Patrick takes SpongeBob on as a student. The two do many things that help SpongeBob practice weirdness with only marginal success. Then Patrick has SpongeBob practice just standing still and drooling. But SpongeBob can only hold the position for a few minutes and must move, at which point Patrick says, “Leave my presence. You are not worthy of practicing the Immobile Arts.”

As SpongeBob walks away, he says, “I can’t even do nothing right.”

I don’t do ‘down time’ well. I’m not exactly a workaholic because I think that carries the connotation of being detail oriented or task driven. That’s not me. I just really like to be out with people; either having fun with them or helping them. So a day stuck in the house usually makes me feel just that: stuck. I like to have somewhere to go.

But today I find myself sick at home. I have a fever, which I very, very seldom have. And this fever has somehow glued me to my recliner. It’s also given me just enough aches and pains that I prefer not to move for a change. My wife is very graciously and patiently tending to my every need. Collin is gone to preschool and Elsa is pretending to be a puppy. I’ve decided sitting here isn’t too bad.

Is it strange that I’m finding being sick is strangely relaxing? It’s forced me not to move. Apparently, since I don’t have the good sense to take some down time on my own, this sickness has come along to force my compliance to the need for being still. I’ve been very busy lately with many things and I’m sure I’ve ignored any ‘still’ time that God has called me to. So this sickness is somehow comforting. Is that strange? Do you ever feel that way?

And sitting home has me considering the disturbing thought that I’m much like SpongeBob. I can’t even do nothing right usually.


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  1. Katie

    Thats why God created rainey days. To give us moments of pause, to just sit by the window and watch the rain and listen to the soft patter of it drumming on our roofs. Its very relaxing. Its true, everyone is so focused these days on being busy that no one takes the time to just sit and ‘be’, we lose touch with ourselves by doing this, which is why taking a moment to ‘smell the roses’ so to speak is so important to our well being. I hope you’re feeling better, Gary and don’t forget to ‘do nothing’ once in a while, its good for you. 🙂

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