I’m Not Sure…

…so don’t ask. It may be because it’s snowing outside and I have time for reflection. It may be because Katie the Canadian, who used to be an atheist but now believes in Jesus, is staying at my house. It may be because BA Barlow is on spring break. I’m not sure. But something made me decide to start a blog.

I don’t imagine I’ll be very good at blogging. It occured to me as I was creating my account that a blog carries the presupposition that I’ll contribute to it on a regular basis. But seeing as how I just now had to go check my spelling on the word ‘presupposition’, it may turn out to be a little too much work for me. We shall see.

I have all these thoughts running around in my head. I’ve typed many of them into WORD documents so they don’t escape me, telling myself for years now that this wondering or that pondering may be just the epiphany the world needs for me to write into a book someday. So I horded those thoughts away so no one would take them from me before I had a chance to write about them. But recently I’ve heard Paul speaking across the years to me, “But what does it matter? The important thing is that in every way… Christ is preached. And because of this I rejoice.”

You can see how absurdly arrogant and pretentious this sounds that I would consider myself as someone whose thoughts were worth sharing, stealing or storing away. But here I am. Typing. Watching the snow. Pausing to stare at BA, who is at this very moment playing Texas Hold’em in my office on his Laptop. Ah yes, and Josh Reed just walked in the door. Life is good. This must be what blogging is all about.



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3 responses to “I’m Not Sure…

  1. monkeedaddy

    I’m looking forward to hearing good things here. Take the top off your head and let the thoughts pour.

  2. michelledianne

    Nice job so far. The picture alone is great (but the posts are great, too)!

  3. Katie

    Woohoo! I was mentioned in a blog. And don’t worry, Gary, if you slack at all in your blogging, we’ll just prod you to get you going again. You have wonderful thoughts, and hey, if someone as timid as myself can talk in front of over a hundred people and be comfortable doing so, you can blogg. 🙂

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